Meteorite Rings Are Truly Out of This World

Meteorite Rings Are Truly Out of This World

Every ring we sell at GoodRings has a story to tell. A big part of that story comes back to the materials that were used to produce the ring. Whether it’s whiskey barrel wood, fishing line and fishing hooks, antlers, or other types of materials, the components of the ring always say something interesting about both the ring itself and the person wearing it.


That story is no different when it comes to using meteorite for rings. In fact, you could say that the story is taken to an even higher level by including a material that did not originate on Earth. How cool is that? To wear a meteorite wedding band each day that contains materials from outer space is a great way to hold onto an appreciation for the majesty of the universe around all of us – and it makes for a great explanation when other people ask about your ring.


If you’ve been thinking about buying a meteorite ring for yourself or a loved one, the highlights below will only leave you even more excited to make this purchase.


The Endless Beauty of Nature

If we had to pick out one thing about our meteorite rings as our favorite feature – which is not easy to do – it would be the intricate details within each piece of meteorite that only nature can create. When you look closely and carefully at the ring, you’ll see dramatic formations and contrasts on a tiny scale, and you’ll naturally find yourself staring in awe at what has been created.


Perhaps nowhere is that better represented than in The Ceres, one of our most popular rings. With a wide space in the middle for ample meteorite material to be included, you’ll get a great look at what nature has made. No two of these rings could ever be exactly the same, as there are natural variations that cause each piece to be completely unique. In the case of The Ceres, the meteorite in the middle is contrasted by two gold bands and whiskey barrel wood, leaving a finished product that you are sure to love for years.


What Are the Odds?

In addition to the obvious beauty of each of the rings in this collection, you may also find yourself captured by the notion that this rock from outer space had to fall to the earth and be recovered before it could wind up on your finger. The events that had to unfold for this ring to become a reality are almost too big and complex to even get your head around – which is another aspect of owning such a ring that is so exciting and attractive.


Diversity in Our Collection

While all of the meteorite rings we offer contain fragments of meteorite – obviously – there is quite a variety within this collection for you to browse. The Vesta is a great pick for the musically inclined, as it uses guitar strings to nicely frame the meteorite in the middle. For those who happen to love the look of gold, it’s The Sirius that will naturally draw your eye, as it makes a bold statement. If you have been looking for a ring with a hammered finish for a strong and rugged appearance, we also have some in this category that fit that description, such as The Pallas and The Earendel.


Never Let Quality Be Sacrificed

There are plenty of places to purchase meteorite rings, but few are going to live up to the quality standards that we have set here at GoodRings. When you order from us, you can expect to receive a ring that is free from defects and exceeds whatever expectations you had for the purchase. Countless previous customers have been thrilled with what they received and we think that you’ll have the same experience.


Buy a Ring from Outer Space!

There is nothing ordinary about a meteorite engagement ring. Whether you are buying this for someone in your life who loves outer space and the wonders of the universe, or you are shopping for yourself and simply can’t wait to have such a cool item to show off day after day, we would love to serve you. At GoodRings, we prioritize customer service and quality above all else, so you can be sure that you’ll be happy with your experience from start to finish. Explore the collection now and pick out your favorite, or contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for visiting GoodRings!

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