Lifetime warranty!
What is included in the warranty?
  • Free replacement of ring that is damaged due to manufacturing defect.
    • For example, the wood separating from the core.
    • Warranty is only valid on the first ring, after that a restocking fee will be charged.
  • Cracks or breaks in the ring due to impact during the first year.
  • If the ring you originally purchased is no longer in stock, a similar priced ring can be selected for a replacement. 
  • Cremation rings and custom rings will be replaced with any in-stock ring of your choosing. 

What is not included in the warranty?

  • Cracks or breaks in the ring due to impact after the first year. 
  • Damage to the ring by harsh chemicals (acetone, industrial cleaners, hand sanitizer, chlorine).
  • Damage to the tungsten or ceramic, our ring cores are very strong and it's highly unlikely for them to be damaged.
  • Changes in the size needed (we offer free resizing in the first 90 days, there might be some exceptions for custom rings)