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The Green Planet - Men's Meteorite Ring

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The malachite and meteorite wedding band is perfect for those that want an elegant ring with a hint of Outerspace.

Cosmic Connection: The meteorite shavings in this ring aren't just any space debris; they're fragments of ancient meteorites that have journeyed through the vast expanse of the universe before becoming an integral part of your story. Each piece carries the essence of cosmic wonder and the history of the cosmos itself.

Malachite Magic: The vivid green Malachite inlay is a nod to the lush, vibrant beauty of nature. Known for its protective and transformative qualities, Malachite has been revered through history for its healing energies. This gemstone symbolizes growth, renewal, and the infinite potential of love.

We offer free ring engravings, please reach out with any questions!

Width: 8mm
Material: Malachite, Meteorite, Black Plated Tungsten