Our Wood Rings Represent an Unbeatable Value

Our Wood Rings Represent an Unbeatable Value

Have you noticed how expensive jewelry can be? Just browsing around the web and looking at various options for rings and other pieces of jewelry will reveal some truly astonishing prices. At GoodRings, we certainly respect and appreciate quality craftsmanship in a piece of jewelry, but surely it doesn’t have to cost so much to get something that has been made at a high level.


We believe the rings sold here on our site are a tremendous value and we are proud to give our customers so much quality for a modest price. Let’s take a moment to explore the value our rings represent and why you can be sure you’re getting a great deal when you shop with us.


More for Less

As a starting point, you can simply check out some of the prices on a basic tungsten ring – the kind that countless men have used for their rings over the years. The typical wedding ring cost in this category might be a few hundred dollars, with some more and some less. That’s not too bad, but check out the prices at GoodRings before you go shopping elsewhere. With most of our products in the $100 - $200 range, including a tungsten core and a variety of interesting and creative materials along with it, the value here is simply unbeatable.


What we are proud to offer is the opportunity to purchase a unique, interesting ring that has features you are unlikely to find anywhere else – yet you aren’t going to have to pay more for the purchase. In fact, you are likely to spend less than the average engagement ring cost, but even if you did spend about the same, you’d be getting something that goes far and beyond above what you would have gotten elsewhere. It always feels good to get value for your money, and that’s what we focus on for our customers here at GoodRings.


What is Included with Your Purchase?

The actual purchase price of any product is only one piece of the puzzle. You also need to think about what comes with your purchase, specifically with regard to protections should you have any trouble with the product you receive. In the modern digital economy, protections vary wildly, and you have to make sure you’ll have a course of action if you need help.


This is another way in which you’ll love shopping with GoodRings. Not only are our rings sold at affordable prices, but they are also backed by a lifetime warranty that you don’t have to pay any extra to secure. That warranty comes with every ring, no matter what. And, we also take back rings within 90 days without asking any questions. As you add up all of these benefits and consider our competitive prices, it’s clear you’re getting a great deal.


Supporting a Small Business

The jewelry industry, like so many others, is filled with huge, multinational corporations. If you are someone who likes to support smaller, family-owned businesses with your dollars, you’ll be happy with your experience at GoodRings. We are a small business that is run out of the town of Brush Prairie, Washington. Of course, supporting small businesses only works if the small business values you as a customer and delivers the kind of service you expect. We have prioritized customer service from the start of our journey and ensuring your satisfaction is always at the top of our priority list.


Money Doesn’t Equal Love

In some ways, it seems like the typical wedding ring cost is so high because people want to believe the more they spend on a ring, the more they are showing how much they value the other person. That’s not how relationships work, however. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a ring, but rather what’s important is what the ring represents and what it means to the two people in the relationship. Our rings are designed to have deep meaning for their owners, whether they represent a love of nature, a specific hobby, or even a love of outer space. Whatever it is, we encourage you to use these rings as a connection to things you love and the people who are closest to you in life.


Do You Have Any Questions?

Even with our reasonable prices on quality rings, we understand that you want to be sure about this purchase before placing your order. With that in mind, we welcome you to reach out directly to us with any questions that you may have. Whether it’s additional information about a ring, the ordering process, or anything else, just get in touch and we’ll be proud to serve you. Thank you for considering GoodRings!

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