How to Pick a Ring for Someone Special in Your Life

How to Pick a Ring for Someone Special in Your Life

Once you have the idea to buy a ring as a gift for someone in your life, you’ll soon start to get excited about seeing their face when they open the present and reveal the beautiful piece you have selected for them to wear. There is only one problem – how do you make that selection? There is a lot of pressure involved in picking the right piece, as you want them to genuinely love it and wear it for years to come.


This post is designed to help you make your selection with confidence so you can look forward to the day when the gift will be given. By utilizing the advice below and taking some time to carefully review the options you find here at GoodRings, this memorable present is sure to be a huge hit.


Start with the Big Picture

It’s easy to dive in and start looking at product listings immediately when shopping for something like a Father’s Day ring, but you may get overwhelmed that way. There are just so many products available, both here and around the web, that you may find your mind starts to spin before you make it very far.


So, take a moment to sit back and think about what the recipient of this gift is all about. What do they spend their time doing? What things do they love in life? If this is someone you know on a deeply personal level, like a family member, it should be easy to narrow it down pretty quickly.


For example, imagine that you are going to buy a Dad ring for Father’s Day. That would be a wonderful gift idea and something that any dad would be sure to cherish for a lifetime. What is it that Dad likes to do? It could be a passion like fishing, or maybe woodworking, or maybe just spending time in the great outdoors. Whatever the case, having that clear picture in your head is an excellent starting point to move forward and figure out exactly which ring will be the right option.


Find the Right Retailer

Now that you know what it is you are looking for, it will be much easier to find the right retailer for your needs. Should it happen to be natural elements that you want to highlight in the ring, you’ve already landed in the right spot – GoodRings will have what you need! Take a moment to look through our collections and see which of our many products may be the right fit as a gift for an important person in your world.


Of course, along with making sure the retailer has the right styles and designs, you also need to make sure their prices are reasonable and they have friendly policies to improve the shopping experience. That means things like offering to accept ring returns for a lengthy timespan – we take returns for up to 90 days – and you should also get warranty coverage on your purchase. The lifetime warranty at GoodRings means you won’t have to worry about being left out in the cold if something happens to the ring you bought.


Confront the Size Issue

If there is one thing that holds back more people from buying a ring as a gift more than any other, it’s the matter of sizing. You want the recipient to be able to slip the ring on their finger and have it fit perfectly, but how do you know what size to order? There are a couple of options.


In an ideal world, you will be able to access a ring that they already own and you know fits them well. That way, you can simply see what size that ring is, or have it measured, and then order accordingly. This is the approach that is going to give you excellent results, but it isn’t possible for everyone. If you can’t get an existing ring, consider placing the order on our site and asking for a free ring sizer when you do. Then, you can present the gift as something you have ordered but not received, and have the recipient use the sizer to determine the right fit. This might not be quite as exciting as having the ring in hand, but it offers the benefit of assuring that you get the sizing right the first time.


A Gift They’ll Love Forever

Knowing you’ve made the right choice – and knowing that you are protected by our 90-day no-questions-asked return policy just in case – you can be proud of the gift you’ve selected for someone close to you. GoodRings would be proud to play a part in this process, and we are sure you’ll be thoroughly impressed by the quality of all of our rings. Order today or reach out to us directly with any questions. Thank you for visiting!

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