Five Big Advantages of a Wood Wedding Ring

Five Big Advantages of a Wood Wedding Ring

Let’s be honest – wood is not the first material that most people think of when shopping for a wedding ring. In this area, gold has long been the standard choice, but plenty of other metals have been used throughout time, and in recent years, tungsten has been a popular pick for men’s wedding bands.


So, why introduce wood into the design of a wedding band? The natural beauty of wood, and the connection to nature that it symbolizes, are meaningful for many people. And, when you shop at GoodRings, you can easily blend everything that you love about wood with the durability and performance of a metal like tungsten. We’d like to use this article to highlight five specific advantages of wood wedding rings to help you understand what is so special about these products.


#1 – A Unique Choice

If you have been searching for “wood wedding bands for him”, you are probably doing so at least in part because you want something different for your big day. Countless people before you have traded rings made of gold or silver, so doing something else seems like a breath of fresh air. Not only will you be picking a type of ring that isn’t commonly seen at a wedding, but every single wood wedding band is unique, as no two wood grain patterns are exactly the same. Knowing you have a one-of-a-kind piece on your hand is a feeling that will only add to the occasion.


#2 – A Personal Connection

There is no material more closely connected to nature in the minds of many than wood. When you opt for a ring that features a wood inlay, you’ll be signaling that you value the beauty and power of nature and want to keep it as close to you as possible. In a world that increasingly lives indoors and stays far away from nature most of the time, it’s nice to connect to that natural world in a very real way by including it in your ring’s design. And, since we have so much variety available at GoodRings, you’ll not only get a ring that has wood in the design, but it can also include other touches to make it even more meaningful to you.


#3 – Great Value

Have you ever noticed how expensive some types of wedding bands can be? If you’ve been shopping for rings, you have certainly seen the sticker shock first-hand, and it can be rough. At GoodRings, when you opt for a wood wedding ring for the special day, you’ll get outstanding value for your money. Our rings are fairly priced, yet there is never any sacrificing on quality along the way. What you receive will be a product that is ready to last for a lifetime and you will be proud to slip it on your finger day after day for the long run.


#4 – Sustainable Material

As someone who values the natural world enough to want to include wood in your ring, you will likely appreciate the sustainable nature of using wood in a ring. Even though it’s only a small piece of wood that is needed for this piece, you will be signaling to yourself and others that you want to pick materials and products that you can feel good about wearing.


#5 – Tons of Options

If you have been thinking that your wood ring is going to have to be pretty plain and predictable, you need to spend some time looking through our product catalog. You’ll be amazed to see how many different types and styles are offered, so you can easily pick something that suits your lifestyle and personality perfectly. Some of our customers have chosen a relatively straightforward and simple style for their wedding band, while others have wanted to find as many design elements as possible for something with a ton of visual intrigue. Whatever happens to align with your tastes, something on our site is sure to be a fit.


Why Not Wood?

Perhaps a better way to ask the question of why you would go with a men’s wood wedding band is to ask – why not? All you need to do is browse around our site to see the undeniable beauty of these rings, and with so many different styles offered, it’s easy to pick one out that is the right fit for yourself or a loved one. Take a moment now to contact us if you have any questions, or place your order today!

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