Our Current Focus

Currently, we are donating all of our trees to the Orca project by www.onetreeplanted.org. This project plants trees along rivers and streams to restore soil health to help improve salmon habitat. Orcas are on the endangered species list and rely on salmon for about 80% of their diet so planting trees can really have a downstream affect!

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Why Trees?

We plant 5 trees for every ring sold to help with deforestation. Trees are absolutely vital in the fight against climate change, not just as a result of their unparalleled capacity to suck up CO2 and turn it into oxygen, but also because they create shade and shelter on forest floors, preventing soil erosion, reducing water loss and providing valuable habitat for biodiversity. The greatest enemy of forests is deforestation, which destroys millions of hectares each year – often illegally so that timber can be exported and turned into products such as furniture and paper. Globally, the average rate at which rainforest is being destroyed is twice that of the average rate in peacetime prior to 1914. It's clear that urgent action needs to be taken now if we're going to preserve our planet for future generations

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